Muslim Brotherhood Working With Law Enforcement to Silence Patriotic Citizens

by Brigitte Gabriel- DHS’s “Intelligence Fusion Centers” are being weaponized against innocent patriotic Americans under the influence of Hamas-front group and designated terrorist organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

ACT for America’s Brenda Arthur, one of our most influential activists from West Virginia, recently became the target of a systematic intimidation campaign by a West Virginia State Police officer, working closely with radical Islamic operatives, to bully and silence ordinary citizens.

It would be hard to find a more chilling example of how our government Fusion Centers, which were set up to protect Americans after 9/11, are now being weaponized against the same Americans they were designed to protect.

As a Jewish-American, when terror designated CAIR’s President, Nihad Awad, paid a visit to a radical mosque with a history of anti-Semitic rhetoric in Brenda’s community, she took notice, and filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) request regarding the mosque’s construction permits, as is well within her rights.

The response?

A West Virginia State Police Officer named, Sgt. R.C. Workman personally visited her house, and left his business card.

Sgt. Workman is part of West Virginia’s “Intelligence Exchange” group, which works with the DHS’s “intelligence fusion center” to identify potential terrorist or criminal activity.

While you’d think the police might be wanting to speak with Brenda to gain additional insight into the radical mosque, and the visit paid by a terror supporter, you’d be wrong.

They wanted to talk to her so they could intimidate her into silence and submission!

When Brenda called Sgt. Workman back, he demanded to know why she was filing an FOI request on the mosque, something every citizen has a right to do, especially stand-up citizens with no criminal history like Brenda.

She told him about the anti-Semitic preaching the mosque has been involved with, as well as CAIR’s recent visit.

“Well, we have a good relationship with that mosque and when he came here they notified us he was coming,” the officer told Brenda.

And there you have it, the fox watching the hen house!

When Brenda filed her FOI request at city hall, an official peering over her shoulder told her that the city also has a good relationship with the very mosque she was inquiring about.

It was this official that likely reported Brenda to West Virginia’s fusion center, which operates under the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety [DMAPS].

When asked what could possibly be suspicious about a citizen with a clean criminal history like Brenda filing an FOI request, DMAPS refused to comment.

I’d bite my tongue too if I was orchestrating an intimidation campaign targeting ordinary patriotic Americans, to protect a designated terrorist organization and an anti-Semitic mosque!

These DHS fusion centers, which were originally set up by George W. Bush to better identify Islamic terrorists after 9/11, have been systematically infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and are now working with the radicals, rather than against them.

See, everything flipped once Obama allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate fusion centers, which transformed the focus of DHS, and redirected it towards “right-wing extremists,” rather than those responsible for the largest terrorist attack in world history on 9/11.

With law enforcement under their thumb, Brotherhood front-groups like CAIR can effectively smear and ostracize ordinary American patriots like ACT’s Brenda, in order to continue their quest to destroy us from within!

By the way, no one is safe from these fusion centers, as Amazon and Google are embedded into their networks.

The bottom line is this, unless the Trump administration takes swift and decisive action to eradicate or reform these so-called “fusion centers,” ordinary American citizens will be at the mercy of Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, who will stop at nothing to silence and destroy anyone who gets in the way of their systematic stealth jihad.

As always, ACT for America remains on the front lines, and is standing with our activists to make sure the radical Islamic lobby does not gain full control of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

We will not be intimidated, and we will not be silenced!

If you are contacted for an “interview” about your patriotic efforts to protect your community, and expose radical jihadists, or anti-Semitic preachers, first connect with one of the many non-profit civil liberty organizations, such as the Rutherford Institute.  

Here is their contact information:

The Rutherford Institute

For confidential legal help:  (434) 978-3888 or

Please forward this email to all friends and family, so we can mobilize as many brave patriots like Brenda as possible, and help keep America a freer and safer place to call home. 

PS. Don’t forget to REGISTER for our National Conference in DC this September 4th-5th, to help fight back against these critical threats.

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