Lend A Hand, Get Jacked!

This sad story makes all of us sick….
 http://knsiradio.com/news/local-news/man-carjacked-robbed and to think that our City officials have publicly stated their desire to welcome more and more  unvetted refugees to St. Cloud and surrounding community some of whom will create havoc in our City and destroy any peace and tranquility we used to have. Sharia is tough to share a Constitutional law based community with.  
Where are the civic leaders that used to care about the people that elected them and their well being?   They care more about spending our hard earned taxpayer money for programs that are set up only for Somalis with the exclusion of their constituents many of whom are struggling financially.  They say that the refugees are not costing anybody anything.  Most of us say please study what this Somali has cost this dear family that just lost their Mother?  More agony on top of the extreme agony they are already experiencing.  
Where are the Religious leaders that used to care about the people in their pews who are being shamed into abandoning their Christian faith as being the way to Heaven into adopting a all cultures and religions are equal mindset? How confusing is that?
Where are the educational leaders that have insisted on building a new high school far from the inner city primarily for the 53 percent of Somalis who will need transportation back and forth? Who will be left to carry the burden of supporting this new elaborate high school?  
Those of us who have lived in our previously All American City all our lives  are saddened beyond belief.
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