Exodus from California!

If you don’t know it already,  large numbers of people are fleeing the state of California. The Liberal Progressive utopia they’ve created doesn’t seem to be working out for them. Here are some comments in reference to that.

“I left California 11 years ago. We ended up in Northern Colorado where it is slightly less Liberal but as the exodus goes on, they bring their liberal policies with them and ruin the states they move to. Fort Collins has been reduced to a near disaster as the city counsel removes freedom after freedom from the people who live there with the never ending march to socialism. My point here is that the crap they are leaving California for is spreading with them and in the end we are all doomed and there will be no safe haven from it.”

“If you put a group of Conservatives in front of a pile of bricks, they will build a city. If you put a group of Liberals in a city, they will give you a pile of bricks.”

“You created this mess. You live in it and fix it. Don’t bring your nwo crap here. Rats always leave a sinking ship and when they get to shore if they make it. They’re still rats.”

“As a Colorado local, working in the central coast of California… I can tell you that I’ve seen it play out over and over again… Californians want out of their self created third world shithole, they move to nice places in my home state and instead of becoming Coloradoans, they insist that we cater to their ideas of how local and state government and politics should work. I’m old enough where I remember Colorado as a red state, now it’s full blue. Illegal loving, anti-gun, overall nanny state. It’s a crying ass shame. The pot legalization only serves to encourage the degenerates to move to Colorado. It’s so very far from the same place I grew up.”

“In the bay area rent is about 4k a month, and that’s not even in SF. Unless you are an engineer( or politician) you wouldn’t be able to afford living there unless you share with others, heck I know engineers who share apartments because of how expensive it is; many have to so they can save money and not live paycheck to paycheck. California is only a good state for the politicians who keep sucking wealth from hard working citizens.”

“Please don’t move to Louisiana we really don’t want you here.”

“Notice to Californians. Keep your Nanny state politics out of Dixie!”

“I reside near the southern border….a small Burg. not a week goes by that a Mexican National asks me if I know of a place to rent . First I ask the requisite questions . . . Children, Pets …? “Oh No !” they always answer , We just need to rent the address.” Addresses rent for up to $200 a month to be here to participate in social services , schools , health care , food programs and I am aware that Citizens (sympathizers) and non-citizens alike promote and participate in this failure of oversight . A few residents collect “rent” for multiple families with some exceeding five , ten and a rumor suggests thirty three in one extreme case ! Now , our schools are strapped , in part due to , school lunch programs , needing bilingual teachers , disruptions in and out of classrooms by clique and gang like students. Clueless parents have complained that the wait , northward , through the border checkpoint is disruptive and time consuming….these vehicles are seen with California license plates . There is a “resort” here that has Twin Lakes …. it USED to be quite a pretty and well maintained destination . An absentee Chinese Corporation owns it i hear. The Mexican management seems pro-Mexican as few non-Mexicans reside there any longer . One look around might answer the question of “why” . With first glance one will notice the run down grounds , the beat up travel trailers and the plethora of South of the Border license plates . In some cases a tiny trailer houses a family much greater than the sum of the bedrooms . This might be noted by the amount of satellite dishes …1 , 2 , 3 or 4! . Wrecked automobiles litter the grounds throughout the “resort” , “stray” dogs run rampant and the abundance of children seem to have little respect for the non-Mexican. The seemingly lax management style is guilty of poor repairs and maintenance as sewer connections are seen leaking and wires are exposed . On school day , the child load fills the long busses for the less than a mile trip to the school while the school parking and drop off zones become choked with car loads of children . I am told that much classroom disruption and increasingly adjusting attitudes of the teachers and staff decreases the learning potential of the students as a whole . The garbage load discarded from passing cars on our SR-94 is decidedly from South of the Border…. bags with receipts from Mexican stores , diapers and school children’s classroom homework . . . . This area is being reclaimed by Mexico through osmosis because we stand frozen in Political Correctness with no caring agency to do the required things . Political and Social Correctness has spawned this real scenario . While I AM for legal immigration , THIS ATTITUDE HAS TO BE ADJUSTED!”

“This California cockroach trash has invaded Kansas city a year ago. They had destroyed south Kansas city the last 9 months and are now chomping up the northside. The ghetto boom box cars have suddenly exploded in numbers, car break ins are all over in the last 3 months. Vicious Californians driving like maniacs at well over 80 miles mph where any thing over 55 mph is suicide. Rents which were decent are starting to jump in large increments because these leftist loon bags have no emotional control and are willing to pay way more then they make. These low iq loon bags are so stupid and use to paying high rent, they do it without consideration of what they actually make. These same pieces of California shit are social climbing, back stabbing, manipulative liars, and will screw anyone over to keep their job especially if it destroys the business.”

“Fear not, legalized marijuana will save the day with all the billions of dollars it will generate . Get high and stay stupid. The democrats did to California what they did to Detroit and Chicago. Now they are doing it to entire states.”

“We left Stockton California almost 3 years ago , relocated in to Texas , love it out here it’s peaceful people still have family values , respect a hole different world out here , WE LOVE TEXAS.”

“Build a wall and keep Communist Democrats in California!”

“The once Golden State is filled with trash, graffiti, foreign chatter everywhere, wafting pot smoke, crazies/street freaks, 400 billion in debt/liabilities, crumbing infrastructure/dams, and corrupt Sacramento politicians that exempt themselves from unconstitutional laws pushed upon the public and homeless encampments along the freeways/three hour traffic. And now, more newbies moving to the state with their bad attitudes and driving habits.”

“California should take the tide pod challenge!”

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