The Strange Suicide of the West

by Bob Bennett

Published on Dec 20, 2017

You may not be aware of it, but Europe is dying. More accurately, it’s committing suicide by Muslim migration. For perhaps a decade, the EU has admitted far too many Muslim migrants. In 2015, this wave of admissions became a flood.

Germany’s chancellor Merkel openly invited all who wished to come. That year Deutschland admitted a net 1.14 million immigrants according to Deutsche Welle. Germany’s population in 2014 was 80.98 million, so Germany took in over 1 percent of its population in one year.

Gatestone Institute estimates that: “At least 80% … [912,000] of the newcomers were Muslim, according to the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.”

Put another way, that’d be like the United States taking in 25,840,000 Muslim migrants next year. (But don’t be complacent: gradual change for the worse leads to the same place.)

Two things happened as a result of Merkel’s idiotic policy. 1. The rest of Europe was swamped with migrants spurred on by Germany’s open-door policy; 2. Many of the EU nations suffered an enormous increase in crime—particularly crimes against women. A third thing will happen: due to Muslims’ much higher birth rate than Europeans, in a few decades Europe will be Muslim, just as Indonesia—once Buddhist— is today home to the world’s largest Muslim population.

Lesson to be learned? Do not invite in large numbers of people from nations with an alien, inimical culture. Nevertheless, Europe’s leaders—with Germany as the tip of the spear—consider it a matter of policy to keep admitting Muslim migrants, who are to be divided up among the EU nations whether they like it or not. Nations who refuse are to be punished. Hungary and Poland are examples of the latter.

Those who publicly object to the EU’s migration policy are demonized as extremists, Nazis, white supremacists. In Germany, anti-migrant comments in social media can lead to indictment for “Incitement to Hatred.”

By now, you must be asking, Why?? It may have something to do with the uber-left border-hating George Soros who, as Nigel Farage recently told the European Parliament, Soros’s Open Society “even published a book of reliable friends in the European Parliament and there are 226 names on that list.” That’s roughly one-third of the members of parliament in Europe.

The book, titled Reliable Allies in the European Parliament (2014-2019),” comprises 177 pages; it defines “reliable allies” as members of parliaments who “are likely to support Open Society’s work.” writes:

“A quick preview of the candidate’s description field provides some good indication as to what Soros expects from his allies, including a political philosophy that includes support of the LGBTI … movement, open borders and an anti-Russia stance.” [I = intersex]

RT adds, “Thanks to the advocacy work of the Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM), both Soros-sponsored organizations, the mass resettlement of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe became the norm.”

In 2015, Russia banned Open Society’s operating on its soil, as a threat to “constitutional order.”

The Reliable Allies book was hacked and leaked on the Internet, or we wouldn’t be aware of its existence. You can be certain there’s a similar listing of American “reliable allies” yet to be uncovered.

Lies our leaders tell us

It’d be worth knowing what kind of justifications for this destructive immigration .

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