The Lutheran Faith in St. Cloud

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Martin Luther…founder of the Lutheran Faith would not be happy about the scandalous current developments by the  out of control refugee resettlement arm of his Church….Lutheran Social Services…..We in St. Cloud believed initially that they were a faith filled organization trying to help true refugees.  Initially many people out of interest regarding costs of the program attended one of the first leadership meetings in St. Cloud and discovered that the people in charge were elusive and angry about logical questions. At one of the subsequent meetings citizens found the doors locked with an armed guard present at the door.  They continued on to open up our community to 20,000 refugees and acted disturbed along with our Mayor and majority of the City Council and others when a larger and larger group of people asked to pause and called for a moratorium until economic data could be assembled. As it stands now Mayor Dave Kleis and 6 of the 7 council members have given the go ahead for Lutheran Social Services to bring in 225 more primary Somali refugees and to follow will be thousands and thousands more with no impact study approved ever and potentially very little if any vetting.   Federal Law US 8…Section 1522 is not being followed as to local control.  Our people are losing confidence in our city leadership and our local representatives Rep Jim Knoblach, Tama theis, and Tom Emmer.  
Martin Luther….” He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.  He who accepts evil without protesting it is really cooperating with it.”  
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