A quiet NFL Boycott????

NFL Forced to Address Major Concerns Following Abysmal Opening Weekend

By Andrew West -September 14, 2017-
There is a sinking feeling going around in the National Football League, and the 2017 opening weekend has done nothing to change it.

The NFL has suffered for some time, thanks in no small part to the undesirable politicizing of the game, its players, and the coverage provided to Americans. ESPN has led the charge in these egregious and nonsensical maneuvers, giving exorbitant airtime to the uncouth Colin Kaepernick and his army of flunkies who continue to disgrace the National Anthem in an attempt to disparage law enforcement within the United States. The example being set for our nation’s youth is deplorable at best, with a generation of Americans soon to grow into cop-hating adults of voting age.

While this is one of the major concerns around the league, and the nation, the NFL has done little to help themselves in the meantime. Their money-hungry attitude has been demonstrated in a number of purely financial changes to the makeup of the sport, namely in the relocating of teams in order to make owners wealthier often at the expense of the American taxpayer.

All of this has culminated in a shocking sight:  Nearly empty football stadiums on opening weekend.

Here’s the thing, the NFL’s plans for relocating teams have been hilariously ham-fisted. Moving the 49ers to Santa Clara, 45 minutes from San Francisco was a moronic decision. Levi’s Stadium is also positioned so roughly 70 percent of the stadium bakes in the sun with no chance of shade.

Meanwhile, the Rams might actually have decent attendance once they move into their new stadium, but that’s a huge gamble. Until then, they’ll likely be dealing with sparse crowds at the Coliseum for the next three seasons. It’s terrible optics for the NFL to have empty stadiums and absolutely no atmosphere for games.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Los Angeles Chargers, who haven’t even been able to sellout a 27,000-seat stadium. No one wanted the Chargers in Los Angeles, and it has shown so far. Dean Spanos and his family have consistently claimed they are pleased with ticket sales and excited about what’s happened with the franchise in LA

Empty stadiums are a huge deal to the NFL. Yes, the league makes its money off of TV contracts, but when fans aren’t at games it has a detrimental impact on the product. It sends the message that games are boring, uninteresting and that people don’t want to have anything to do with them in person. That kind of message hurts the product as a whole.

This compete lack of interest in the sport of football couldn’t come at a worse time for the beleaguered league, whose television ratings have slipped as if they were running on icy banana peels.

If the National Football League hopes to be regain any of the influence that they once had on the American consumer, they will need to clean up their act, denounce their anti-American brats, and admit that many of the moves that they make are purely for the sake of their wallets.       Read More at:  http://constitution.com/nfl-forced-address-major-concerns-following-abysmal-opening-weekend/

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