Are you Islamophobic or  Islamocognic ?


Islamophobia”    is a term often used to describe people who are biased and prejudiced against Muslims, and have an unnatural fear of Islam.

 “Islamocognia”   is a term used to describe a natural fear of Islam based upon the knowledge of recent world events.  Trying to count the slaughters of innocent people committed by Muslims in the name of their god seems tedious and the results seem patently evident, but here goes:

Starting with the WTC murder of 3,000 people, we have the London bombing, Madrid bombing, Bali shooting, Mumbai shooting, a couple mass killings in Paris, the Brussels airport, slaughters of innocent people in Nigeria and Somalia, the murder of hundreds of children in Chechnya, the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt, the Casablanca bombing. truck killing in Germany, then in the US we have Boston, a couple in Texas, California, Minnesota, Orlando, and myriads of mass murders in the mid-east too numerous to count.  I’m sure I’ve overlooked dozens of others.  One of the most recent mass murders in Turkey was unusual in that the Muslim perpetrator was Uzbek and he tried to escape.  Most Muslim murderers are suicidal to more rapidly attain Allah’s promised rewards.    The Muslim religion appears to be horribly flawed.  Its evils are manifest wherever it exists.  It is not localized.  Muslim children are taught these evils by their parents, their teachers, their imams, and their holy book.  It is not caused by the existence of Israel or radical web sites.  It is caused by their religion.  Not all Muslims are evil, but Muslims are predisposed to be murderous animals as justified by their religion.  Islam desperately needs a Reformation from within.

I am not Islamophobic.  I am Islamocognic.

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