Connecting The Crooked Dots!

Thomas Jefferson’s words of over 200 years ago, should ring like a chorus of gonging church bells in each of our ears, at least in those ears that haven’t drunk the liberal Kool-aid.  Centralized power has been consolidated for decades under the auspices of a progressive ideology and has been followed by growing, persistent and systemic corruption.  How did Jefferson know?  He knew because of the history of failed nations, dictators and despots before him.  He knew because the “political man” has proven, time and time again, his propensity towards self-gratification and the lust for personal enrichment by any means, with the price being paid by those he governs.  This propensity grows like a cancer, without the probing eyes of the people and the investigative function of the news media. 

 The recent arrest of Marine veteran Brandon Raub, without a warrant, on suspicion of being a terrorist for posting anti-government material on his Facebook page, is evidence of just how far government has gone to centralize its absolute power under the guise of “Homeland Security”.  (see and  What was even more disturbing was that somewhere around 20,000 of these types of arrests and involuntary commitments were done in the state of Virginia alone, mostly inflicted on veterans.  First Amendment free speech?  It’s gone under an arrogant, corrupt government, interested only in protecting its own power. 

 However, abuse of power by the American government is not a new phenomenon.   President Wilson had his goon squads during World War I where thousands were arrrested for saying something against the war and FDR imprisoned thousands of Japanase Americans without due process during World War II.  These are just two of the more glaring examples.

 Constitutional protections mean nothing to a corrupt, all-powerful, centralized government.  A corrupt, all-powerful, centralized government is how we got the Federal Reserve, the IRS, national debts and deficits, the Community Reinvestment Act, Obama Care, Dodd-Frank bank regulations, the Freddy and Fanny subprime mortgage meltdown, radical environmentalism, nationalization of businesses, student loans, affirmative action, public school propaganda and brainwashing, grossly inadequate border control and immigration failures, treasonous and job-destroying energy policies, voter fraud, a wandering, irresponsible foreign policy and a plethora of other government-created problems that eat away at our freedom and erode our liberty, virtually every day.

 Ever since the ink was dry on the U. S. Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land has been steadily eroded in favor a stronger and stronger centralized government, slowly relieved of constitutional limitations.  Stronger and stronger government, without limitations, or citizen accountability, always leads to political corruption and eventual enslavement of the masses.

 In three previous “Parallax Prophecies” columns, “The Constitution – On the Edge of Extinction”, “Corruption and the Death of Nations” and our last article, “Political Corruption – The Path to Fascism”, we covered the definition of corruption, where it resided and why it is so dangerous to a free nation.  In our last column we said:

 The inescapable truth is, freedom cannot co-exist with political corruption.

 If freedom is to be preserved, then political corruption must be expunged from those that govern us.   But how, you say?

 In our column entitled “The Constitution – On the Edge of Extinction” we said:  “[So] what if a bunch of dedicated, fearless patriots, under the law, decided to go after each politician, each judge and each bureaucrat for malfeasance, misfeasance, bribery, embezzlement, graft, violation of oath of office and corruption, one at a time?   Since the entire system suffers from systemic corruption, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find one or more of these guys or gals that is dipping his or her bill where it doesn’t belong and expose them.  When one politician went down to citizen scrutiny, other politicians would be looking around to see who was watching them.  Their replacements would be put on notice as well.  When one judge was impeached because he strayed over the line, other judges would be wondering if they were next.  The same goes for bureaucrats, like the one that spent almost a million dollars of your hard-earned tax money for a lavish conference in Las Vegas.  If some concerned citizen had been watching him, he might have thought twice before going forward with his diabolical plan to steal your money and thumb his aristocratic, arrogant nose in your face.”

 If our wonderful, so-called “free press” was doing its job in reporting the “actual” news and exposing corruption as was its prime objective, the people wouldn’t have to do it for them.  Unfortunately, the “free press” has become corrupt, as all of government has become corrupt.  If it wasn’t for cable news and the Internet, there would be no reporting or exposing corruption, even though much of what appears on the Internet comes from questionable sources and is shy on accuracy, if not high on conspiracy theories, fear mongering, religious fanaticism and outright fabrications.  The truth might be in there somewhere but it takes a lot of “sifting” to find it.

 However, for the people to take on all government corruption at one time, is a fool’s folly.  When you clean a house, you don’t do it all at once.  You usually do it room by room and that is the way the people should begin “cleaning” the government’s house ….. politician by politician, judge by judge and bureaucrat by bureaucrat. 

 A general with a small army does not take on the full force of the enemy in a frontal attack where he will surely lose.  He nips at the heels of the enemy.  He ambushes supply lines and enemy patrols.  He steals their arms and rations to build up his own.  Nor should the people take on the federal government in a full frontal attack to root out corruption.  They need to start nipping at local and state government first and start building up their courage, their knowledge and expertise in preparation for a frontal attack.  There is more than enough corruption to go around, at the local level.

 Cities and counties are going broke and passing draconian laws because of corruption.  Local school boards spend your tax dollars extravagantly because of corruption.  The reason they are corrupt and get away with fiscal irresponsibility and passing stupid laws is the people don’t want to take the time to watch and investigate what cities, counties and school boards are doing.   Very few citizens show up a public hearings and the government knows it and uses it to their advantage.

 But it doesn’t take a crowd to watch or investigate a county, city, or school board.  “Connecting the Crooked Dots” in a city, county, or school board takes only one dedicated individual who will invest the time to cast a beam of light on government’s excesses and expose their corruption to public scrutiny.

 One individual can investigate the background of every city or county council member, or every school board member and most of the information is available on the Internet.  He or she can start connecting the crooked dots by also researching who is associated with those members.  Connecting the dots may be as simple as finding out who is providing money to those members for their election or re-election and are there any political “favors” being exchanged for that money.  If there are political “favors” being exchanged, it is guaranteed that more corruption lurks in the shadows.   Like the bank robber who can’t stop robbing banks until he is caught, a politician, judge, or bureaucrat will keep cheating until he is caught.  At least the police are going after the bank robbers, but nowhere near enough people are going after the corrupt politician, judge, or bureaucrat.

 One of the other ways to expose corruption is to peruse annual budgets and give testimony at budget hearings where the public and the press are in attendance.  Request time to give testimony to the council, or school board with what you have learned.  Look for what the money is being spent on in each budget line item and whom the money is going to.  You might just “catch” a payment in exchange for a campaign contribution.  You might even expose them to open and notorious corruption that no one else saw.

 But there are other more subtle forms of corruption.  Brainwashing of our K-12 and college kids by what text books are required for any of the courses being taught.  A person could take the time to obtain copies of textbooks and read them to determine what is being taught to our kids, why it is being taught and if it is accurate and represents the values of America and the American system of government.  Or is the textbook filled with social justice, collectivism, multi-culturalism, golbalism, or radical environmentalism which are contrary to and in conflict with the emphasis that American freedom places on individualism, individual rights, self-reliance and personal responsibility?  If the person finds these discrepancies, the textbook (or books) should be exposed to the public in detail.  When the public knows what is going on, they usually get angry and take action.

 Most public employee unions are rife with corruption and constantly engage in buying political influence with union dues.  Because of the huge sums of dues that public employee unions take in, they attract corruption.  Many unions are run by aggressive thugs that use that aggression to intimidate, threaten, or buy off politicians.  Because of the votes that union’s control, many politicians succumb to the intimidation and threats, or weaken when presented with payoffs.  Corruption is just one of the rules of the game the unions and politicians play.

 Ladies and gentlemen, corruption, in one form or another, is all around us because the whole system has become ingrained with corruption.  Jack Abramoff made millions off of corruption but at the time he didn’t think what he was doing was corrupt.  Jack got caught and went to jail, but unfortunately very few get caught because so few “are minding the store.”

 Are there exceptions, of course, but very few.  However, If just a few individuals in every city and county and every school board in America would devote their time to exposing that corruption, we would start to see freedom and liberty return to America.

By Ron Ewart, President- National Association of Rural Landowners


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