Ann Coulter on students of color (MN connection)

Secret Debate Tip for GOP-  Ann Coulter–   On CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Lesley Stahl asked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos about the “institutional racism” in school discipline.

It was like neither of them had ever heard of Nikolas Cruz. The Parkland, Florida, school shooter is our most recent case study of what happens when liberals start babbling about “institutional racism.”
There’s never been such an incredible paper trail as there is with Cruz, leading straight from idiotic liberal ideas directly to mass murder. We know that Broward County Public Schools knew about Cruz’s felonies. We know that his behavior wasn’t reported because it would negatively impact the record of a student of color. The school district bragged about the policy.
Perhaps having no criminal record would have helped Cruz get a good job someday. But it is a fact that one of the consequences of not reporting his crimes was that HE COULD GET A GUN.
Unless liberals are going to say that guns had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting, it was the racial bean-counting in school discipline that unleashed this psychotic on innocent students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School four weeks ago.
Stahl treated as cold hard fact the idea that schools punish “students of color more harshly than their white classmates,” citing this real-world example:
“Let’s say” — lots of serious journalism begins with “let’s say” — “there’s a disruption in the classroom and a bunch of white kids are disruptive and they get punished, you know, go see the principal. But the black kids are, you know, they call in the cops. I mean, that’s the issue: who and how the kids who disrupt are being punished.”
I remember this plot on “Law & Order,” but there aren’t many examples of it in real life.

Teachers in St. Paul, Minnesota, have been hospitalized and permanently disabled by their “disruptive” African-American students, thanks to former St. Paul Public Schools Superintendent Valeria Silva’s commitment to ending the “school-to-prison pipeline.”
One kid was “disruptive” by punching and strangling a science teacher, John Ekblad, giving him a concussion and permanent brain injuries. The African-American student walked away from Ekblad’s body splayed out on the floor, saying, “Did you see me slam that white-ass teacher?”
This “disruptive” rascal was sentenced to 90 days house arrest and probation. Luckily, he wasn’t punished more severely, or he might have ended up on the “school-to-prison pipeline.” I’m sure he’s doing well now.
A popular grade-school teacher, Debbie York, had to undergo repeated surgeries after an 85-pound first-grade student of color assaulted her when she tried to intervene as he was throwing furniture and biting other children. He threw a chair at York, missed her, then body-slammed her, causing permanent injuries.
While on sick leave after the incident, York emailed parents to explain why she was gone. For informing parents about the assault in class, she was promptly cashiered from her 30-year teaching career.
What matters isn’t the safety of teachers and students. Nor is it whether anyone is learning anything. All that matters is that no one ever writes down the bad behavior of black and brown students.
When public school teachers — not a conservative bunch — in Minnesota — not a conservative state — are showing up in a boiling rage at school board meetings to complain about their African-American students having carte blanche to bully and defy them, the problem may not be that our schools are being run by Bull Connor.
One teacher, David McGill, complained that an out-of-control African-American fourth-grader had “significantly compromised an entire year of science instruction for the great majority of his classmates.” He said there was nothing he could do about it because of the school’s racial quotas on student discipline.
Superintendent Silva’s response was to get snippy about the teacher’s word choice:
“You said they are ‘infecting’ other children. I almost fell out of my chair,” Silva said.
“I didn’t mean it –”
“Doesn’t matter. You said it.”
Eventually, the school district had to buy off Silva with a $800,000 severance agreement just to get her to leave. It was her or the teachers.
CBS’s Stahl is either an ideologue, intentionally painting a picture that is the polar opposite of the truth by implying that students of color are the true victims here — or else she is so stupid and untutored in the subject that she has no business reporting on it. I could go either way. Your choice. (We need an expression for this sort of broadcast. Something like … FAKE NEWS!)
A smart Republican would be dying for liberals to bring up the “school-to-prison pipeline.” The more it is talked about, the more ripe the insanity becomes.
A kid expelled from high school is twice as likely to end up in prison!
Yeah, because he’s a thug. He’s a thug when he’s in high school and he’s a thug a few years later, when he’s an adult.
NO! It’s keeping a record of his crimes that’s the problem! By the time he becomes an adult, he has no choice.
No Democrat should be allowed to run for election this year without taking a position on Parkland’s “school-to-prison pipeline” policy.
Worried about suburban moms, Republicans? Make the Democrats defend a toxic ideology that prohibits students of color from being arrested for their criminal acts. They’ll either defend it and lose the parents, or they’ll oppose it and lose their George Soros funding.
Republicans should pray that the Parkland shooting comes up in debates. You hear “Parkland,” and you say: “Let’s talk about the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.'” You hear, “equity in school discipline,” and you say: “Nikolas Cruz.”

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Sustainable Development – Code for Reorganizing Human Society


by Tom DeWeese-


It’s in every community in the nation. We hear it talked about in county commission meetings and state legislatures. It’s even used in advertising as a positive practice for food processing and auto sales. It’s used as the model for building materials, power sources and transportation policy. It’s sold as the bold visionary plan for the future. The nation is being transformed under the banner of “Sustainable Development.”

We are assured by elected officials that Sustainable Development is simply a tool or a guideline to help direct the carefully-planned growth of our cities and rural areas while protecting our natural resources for future generations. “We must guard against a chaotic, unregulated growth in our cities,” say its earnest proponents as they sell the concept through familiar, non-threatening words and beautiful pictures.

Citizens are assured by their community leaders that all such plans are just local, local, local, created with the participation of the whole community. Sustainable Development policy, they say, is just an environmental land conservation policy, a sensible development policy. Sustainable…what’s wrong with that?

As usual, the answers are hidden in the details. Are we hearing the truth? What are the consequences of the policy that has taken over every level of government? Are there hidden dangers most just can’t see? Or, as its proponents claim, is opposition to Sustainable Development really just a silly, overblown conspiracy theory found in a twenty-year-old meaningless document called Agenda 21?

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Tell President Trump to withdraw liberal EEOC nomination

In December 2017, President Trump re-nominated Chai Feldbum to serve as Commissioner of the EEOC. Feldblum is the same anti-religious liberty and pro-LGBT zealot whom President Barack Obama nominated in 2010. Her term ends July 1, 2018. I say let her term expire, and replace her with a Constitutional conservative who will protect the First Amendment.

Feldblum’s influence at the EEOC places a so-called right to sexual deviancy (sexual sin) over and above religious liberty. Her mixed-up views force Christians to abandon their deeply held religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

For example, when there is a legal conflict between religious liberty and sexual deviancy, Feldblum has said:

I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win…Sexual liberty should win in most cases. There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner (emphasis added).

The adverse effects of Chai Feldblum’s warped worldview have infected the EEOC resulting in numerous rogue actions by the U.S. Executive Branch.

Recently, Feldblum’s EEOC, with assistance from the ACLU, argued for a transgender employee’s rights before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit. In this case, a Christian business owner of a funeral home had fired employee Anthony Stephens, who was undergoing “gender transitioning” and wearing women’s clothes to work. The business owner said this violated his Christian beliefs, but the EEOC argued that a Christian business owner could not fire a transgender employee for religious reasons. The court agreed.

President Trump, who campaigned on and issued an Executive Order protecting religious liberty, said, “Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding and the soul of our nation…[this administration] will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied, or silenced anymore.”

The re-nomination of Chai Feldblum, one of President Obama’s most ardent opponents of religious liberty, grossly undermines President Trump’s promises as well as his instructions to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to protect religious liberty.

Sign the Petition urging President Trump to withdraw nomination of Chai Feldblum for Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


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Shortly after the recent school shooting in Florida, the American Congress and White House, began to consider  many new safety regulations to help avoid another such catastrophe.  What else “coincidentally” was set up in the wings just waiting to be brought out? H.R. 5087, an unconstitutional bill to ban the private ownership of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns! Already the traitorous bill has 173 Democrats signed on as co-sponsors of the measure.  With only 45 more co-sponsors the bill would pass the U.S. House of Representatives. Here’s the link to the text of that bill.

This is why The John Birch Society was organized in 1958.  We are being destroyed through a careful organization.  Will you join with us and help defeat this leftist organization?  If you are a  member will you help spread the word?

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Lend A Hand, Get Jacked!

This sad story makes all of us sick…. and to think that our City officials have publicly stated their desire to welcome more and more  unvetted refugees to St. Cloud and surrounding community some of whom will create havoc in our City and destroy any peace and tranquility we used to have. Sharia is tough to share a Constitutional law based community with.  
Where are the civic leaders that used to care about the people that elected them and their well being?   They care more about spending our hard earned taxpayer money for programs that are set up only for Somalis with the exclusion of their constituents many of whom are struggling financially.  They say that the refugees are not costing anybody anything.  Most of us say please study what this Somali has cost this dear family that just lost their Mother?  More agony on top of the extreme agony they are already experiencing.  
Where are the Religious leaders that used to care about the people in their pews who are being shamed into abandoning their Christian faith as being the way to Heaven into adopting a all cultures and religions are equal mindset? How confusing is that?
Where are the educational leaders that have insisted on building a new high school far from the inner city primarily for the 53 percent of Somalis who will need transportation back and forth? Who will be left to carry the burden of supporting this new elaborate high school?  
Those of us who have lived in our previously All American City all our lives  are saddened beyond belief.
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Exodus from California!

If you don’t know it already,  large numbers of people are fleeing the state of California. The Liberal Progressive utopia they’ve created doesn’t seem to be working out for them. Here are some comments in reference to that.

“I left California 11 years ago. We ended up in Northern Colorado where it is slightly less Liberal but as the exodus goes on, they bring their liberal policies with them and ruin the states they move to. Fort Collins has been reduced to a near disaster as the city counsel removes freedom after freedom from the people who live there with the never ending march to socialism. My point here is that the crap they are leaving California for is spreading with them and in the end we are all doomed and there will be no safe haven from it.”

“If you put a group of Conservatives in front of a pile of bricks, they will build a city. If you put a group of Liberals in a city, they will give you a pile of bricks.”

“You created this mess. You live in it and fix it. Don’t bring your nwo crap here. Rats always leave a sinking ship and when they get to shore if they make it. They’re still rats.”

“As a Colorado local, working in the central coast of California… I can tell you that I’ve seen it play out over and over again… Californians want out of their self created third world shithole, they move to nice places in my home state and instead of becoming Coloradoans, they insist that we cater to their ideas of how local and state government and politics should work. I’m old enough where I remember Colorado as a red state, now it’s full blue. Illegal loving, anti-gun, overall nanny state. It’s a crying ass shame. The pot legalization only serves to encourage the degenerates to move to Colorado. It’s so very far from the same place I grew up.”

“In the bay area rent is about 4k a month, and that’s not even in SF. Unless you are an engineer( or politician) you wouldn’t be able to afford living there unless you share with others, heck I know engineers who share apartments because of how expensive it is; many have to so they can save money and not live paycheck to paycheck. California is only a good state for the politicians who keep sucking wealth from hard working citizens.”

“Please don’t move to Louisiana we really don’t want you here.”

“Notice to Californians. Keep your Nanny state politics out of Dixie!”

“I reside near the southern border….a small Burg. not a week goes by that a Mexican National asks me if I know of a place to rent . First I ask the requisite questions . . . Children, Pets …? “Oh No !” they always answer , We just need to rent the address.” Addresses rent for up to $200 a month to be here to participate in social services , schools , health care , food programs and I am aware that Citizens (sympathizers) and non-citizens alike promote and participate in this failure of oversight . A few residents collect “rent” for multiple families with some exceeding five , ten and a rumor suggests thirty three in one extreme case ! Now , our schools are strapped , in part due to , school lunch programs , needing bilingual teachers , disruptions in and out of classrooms by clique and gang like students. Clueless parents have complained that the wait , northward , through the border checkpoint is disruptive and time consuming….these vehicles are seen with California license plates . There is a “resort” here that has Twin Lakes …. it USED to be quite a pretty and well maintained destination . An absentee Chinese Corporation owns it i hear. The Mexican management seems pro-Mexican as few non-Mexicans reside there any longer . One look around might answer the question of “why” . With first glance one will notice the run down grounds , the beat up travel trailers and the plethora of South of the Border license plates . In some cases a tiny trailer houses a family much greater than the sum of the bedrooms . This might be noted by the amount of satellite dishes …1 , 2 , 3 or 4! . Wrecked automobiles litter the grounds throughout the “resort” , “stray” dogs run rampant and the abundance of children seem to have little respect for the non-Mexican. The seemingly lax management style is guilty of poor repairs and maintenance as sewer connections are seen leaking and wires are exposed . On school day , the child load fills the long busses for the less than a mile trip to the school while the school parking and drop off zones become choked with car loads of children . I am told that much classroom disruption and increasingly adjusting attitudes of the teachers and staff decreases the learning potential of the students as a whole . The garbage load discarded from passing cars on our SR-94 is decidedly from South of the Border…. bags with receipts from Mexican stores , diapers and school children’s classroom homework . . . . This area is being reclaimed by Mexico through osmosis because we stand frozen in Political Correctness with no caring agency to do the required things . Political and Social Correctness has spawned this real scenario . While I AM for legal immigration , THIS ATTITUDE HAS TO BE ADJUSTED!”

“This California cockroach trash has invaded Kansas city a year ago. They had destroyed south Kansas city the last 9 months and are now chomping up the northside. The ghetto boom box cars have suddenly exploded in numbers, car break ins are all over in the last 3 months. Vicious Californians driving like maniacs at well over 80 miles mph where any thing over 55 mph is suicide. Rents which were decent are starting to jump in large increments because these leftist loon bags have no emotional control and are willing to pay way more then they make. These low iq loon bags are so stupid and use to paying high rent, they do it without consideration of what they actually make. These same pieces of California shit are social climbing, back stabbing, manipulative liars, and will screw anyone over to keep their job especially if it destroys the business.”

“Fear not, legalized marijuana will save the day with all the billions of dollars it will generate . Get high and stay stupid. The democrats did to California what they did to Detroit and Chicago. Now they are doing it to entire states.”

“We left Stockton California almost 3 years ago , relocated in to Texas , love it out here it’s peaceful people still have family values , respect a hole different world out here , WE LOVE TEXAS.”

“Build a wall and keep Communist Democrats in California!”

“The once Golden State is filled with trash, graffiti, foreign chatter everywhere, wafting pot smoke, crazies/street freaks, 400 billion in debt/liabilities, crumbing infrastructure/dams, and corrupt Sacramento politicians that exempt themselves from unconstitutional laws pushed upon the public and homeless encampments along the freeways/three hour traffic. And now, more newbies moving to the state with their bad attitudes and driving habits.”

“California should take the tide pod challenge!”

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I am an English Man and I am proud!

This needs no introduction. One of the most powerful speeches you may hear and only 6 minutes long. Let this be an example for the rest of us.-

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Donald Trump: 1st Year- by Charles Scaliger- Friday, 09 Feb 2018-

It has been a year since Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, and it’s safe to say there has not been a dull moment. Since before he was even sworn into office, Trump has been under relentless and unprecedented attack by his political enemies, who have openly and unabashedly been seeking to remove him from his office by fair means or foul. Talk of impeachment was in the air the day after the 2016 elections, and an unending torrent of targeted leaks, malicious rumormongering, and frivolous prosecution of Trump supporters by an independent counsel run amok have contributed to the year-long atmosphere of chaos and bitter partisan strife that have all but torn America asunder.

Under such circumstances, engineered to prevent the president from enacting any of his agenda items, most men would have long since surrendered in despair. But Trump, rather remarkably, has persevered and even managed to advance a surprising number of agenda items that cannot but palliate America’s ongoing crisis of Big Government and out-of-control federal debts and spending. Despite the needless confrontations provoked by ill-considered tweets, and the failure (so far) to secure funding for Trump’s touted border wall or to repeal ObamaCare, we are pleased to report that President Trump has outperformed the expectations of those constitutionalists who were hoping the new president would oppose the establishment agenda that has been pursued by both Democrat and Republican administrations — more government and more internationalism. While far from perfect on a number of issues, Trump to this point has been unique among modern presidents in that, instead of moving to the left once elected, he has moved to the right, enacting a more conservative and even constitutionalist agenda than most of us dared hope possible.

It has been more than a generation since ordinary Americans have seen significant tax cuts. Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all hiked taxes significantly, and the tax cuts enacted under George W. Bush via legislation in 2001 and 2003 were not significant enough to have a lasting effect on an economy that had been foundering since the bursting of the stock-market bubble in 2000.

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), passed in the waning weeks of the year, Americans are seeing the first deep tax cuts since the Reagan era, cuts that will likely ease the pain of tax season for tens of millions of middle-class American families, but which will require corresponding cuts in government spending to have lasting benefit.

The Trump tax cuts include a near-doubling of the standard deduction for married couples, from $12,700 to $24,000. For families earning average middle-class incomes, a reduction of their taxable income under the standard deduction by nearly $12,000 will drastically reduce tax obligations and enlarge returns come April 15. The child tax credit, formerly at $1,000, was doubled to $2,000. Overall all tax rates were dropped for most income brackets, with the sharpest drops in the second ($19,050 to $77,400) from 15 percent to 12 percent, the third ($77,400 to $165,000) from 25 percent to 22 percent, and the fourth ($165,000 to $315,000) from 28 percent to 24 percent. Only the first and sixth (out of seven) brackets remained unchanged.

On the other hand, the TCJA capped the state and local tax deduction (SALT) at $10,000, a clever provision that will disincentivize massive state and local taxation rates in states such as California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland — all of them largely liberal Democratic states whose voters have been immunized for decades against massive federal taxation they are happy to have imposed on the rest of us — as long as it is offset by local tax deductibility.

The TCJA also got rid of the Obama­Care mandate, sunsetting it in 2019 — this, after congressional Republicans so ignominiously failed to repeal Obama­Care, despite years of promises to do so and controlling both houses of Congress and the White House.

Additionally, the TCJA jettisoned a number of other miscellaneous deductibles, like moving expenses and alimony payments, in the interest of simplifying the overall income tax system.

Tax reduction and simplification were two of President Trump’s guiding principles in the lead-up to the passage of tax cuts, but it is important to realize that this bill, while a vast improvement on any tax bill since the Reagan era, still falls far short of the president’s expectations, let alone what constitutional principles and simple prudence would dictate. For one thing, the lowest income tax rate remains at 10 percent, a figure vastly higher than many state and most local rates. And people with annual taxable incomes above $600,000 will still pay a whopping 37 percent, more than one-third of their income.


This article appears in the February 19, 2018, issue of The New American. To download the issue and continue reading this story, or to subscribe, click here.

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Minnesota Republicans to spend $18,000,000 on “Somali community development”

This bill is based on the false assumption that poverty causes terrorism, and thus showers money upon communities that produce many jihadis. It’s authored by Republican Jim Abeler and really amounts to not only a waste of taxpayers money but a bribe as well. Read more here->> $18000000 if you don’t Jihad

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The Scandinavian Experiment

This is only 4 1/2 min long.  Last minute is going to be tough to watch.This will be our future unless we wake up quickly.  If our citizens continue to sit on the sidelines, we will be in armed conflict eventually.  None of us want that.  It can easily be stopped before it goes that far.     Its yours to lose!!!!

Please watch this horrific video about what is going on in Sweden. While watching, ask yourself if Sweden is the coal mine Canary for Europe, is Sweden the Canary for the US  long term?


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