You are Invited to these Central MN Tea Party Events!

*NEW* Central MN Tea Party Presents! THE  CONSTITUTION IS THE SOLUTION. Part Vl   Restoring the Constitution-Taking Effective Action. We need to become educated ourselves then educate others to the principals of liberty and freedom. The Constitution is a freedom document designed to limit the power of government!  And then we need to hold our elected officials to the same principals.  We need to evaluate candidates for office according to this. Also, Beware of Article V- This video explains how our rights and freedoms as secured by the U.S. Constitution are put at risk by state legislatures requesting Congress to call a constitutional convention. Thursday January 28 , 2016   7 PM. St. Cloud public library, Bremer Room

Plan to infuse small towns with Muslim migrants meets resistance

Date posted: February 7, 2016

Brainerd, Littlefalls, Perham and New York Mills are next. Learn what’s in store for your town. Rural folks in Montana are pushing back against plans by urban elites to plant hundreds of Muslims from the Third World into Helena and Missoula. … Continue reading


How Do You Know When Your Society Is In The Midst Of Collapse?

Date posted: February 3, 2016

JANUARY 27, 2016 – By Brandon Smith – As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, I have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. That is to say, there are questions on the average person’s … Continue reading


America’s Collapse is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – UNLESS!

Date posted: January 31, 2016

Over 34 years ago, in October of 1981 William E. Simon, Secretary of the Treasury, said this at the start of the Reagan reformation. “In the first 10 months in office, President Reagan has made great strides toward restoring America’s … Continue reading


AJ Kern to Seek Emmer’s Position

Date posted:

AJ Kern announced on Tuesday night at Michaels Restaurant that she was soon to officially announce that she was planning to seek Tom Emmer’s spot as the  Congressperson  from Central Minnesota.  ..This news was met with enthusiastic applause from the … Continue reading


Sweden may deport up to 80,000 refugees

Date posted: January 28, 2016

David Crouch in Gothenburg -Thursday 28 January 2016 – Sweden is to reject up to 80,000 people who applied for asylum in the country last year, as many as half of whom will be forced to leave against their will, … Continue reading


You’ve been targeted!

Date posted: January 26, 2016

   by Tom DeWeese – You’ve been targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice as a threat to American cities! That’s because Attorney General Loretta Lynch says you are an “Extremist.”   To protect yourself and your family it’s URGENT that … Continue reading


The Makings of an American West Rebellion!

Date posted: January 24, 2016

Well ladies and gentlemen the fact is, the government has pushed the cowboy, the rancher, the farmer and the rural landowner way more than once. What happened in Southeastern Nevada in 2014 at the Bundy Ranch and what is now … Continue reading


Europe’s Betrayal of Woman

Date posted: January 20, 2016

Here’s a very good (short) video. Learn what’s happening over in Europe as we see the results of  a Government which has opened up the flood gates of refugees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIfMAP4Q1yk


The Corporate Takeover of America

Date posted:

First  Published on Jul 17, 2012  by the Rutherford Institute When America’s governors recently gathered for the National Governors Association’s (NGA) annual summer meeting, they were “treated to amusement parks, historical sites, championship golf courses, five-star dining, an al fresco … Continue reading


“Enviros Won’t Be Happy Until the Bundy Militia is Dead.”

Date posted: January 17, 2016

In our recent article entitled “Secession or War – American West Against the East“, we described what was going on with those that run this country in the East being in direct conflict with those who live in the West. … Continue reading